“It’s important to have a relationship with your Insurance Broker”

Engaging the services of an insurance broker can save you time and money. We are rigorously trained, regulated and monitored by ASIC to ensure you receive the most accurate, appropriate advice for your needs.

When arranging insurance without dedicated professional advice, many people take shortcuts and fail to understand the policies they are purchasing, not knowing whether they are getting value for money. Often they are disappointed when their insurance doesn’t respond in the way they believed it should.

IMC Insurance Brokers deal with all major insurers and have access to a range of different policies. We are aware of the benefits, exclusions and costs of competing policies on the market. We provide advice on how to make the most of your insurance budget to secure the right cover for your needs. 

Going direct to an insurance company may appear cheaper, but without specialist interpretation and tailoring to your specific needs, going direct may well turn out to be an extremely expensive exercise. Using an insurance broker can even cost you less because we have knowledge of the insurance market and the ability to negotiate competitive premiums on your behalf. A brokers duty is to explain your policy and any special situations you need to watch out for.